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ostile ***** 1 - Ed.orig.: Life, Liberty, and the Defense of Dignity: The Challenge for Bioethics, Leon R. Kass (2004)  Encounter Books [english]
Ed.ita.: La sfida della bioetica. La vita, la libertà e la difesa della dignità umana (2007)  Lindau - saggistica, H+
ostile ***** 2 - Ed.orig.: Our Posthuman Future: Consequences of the Biotechnology Revolution, Francis Fukuyama (2003)  Picador [english]
Ed.ita.: L'uomo oltre l'uomo. Le conseguenze della rivoluzione biotecnologica (2002)  Mondadori - saggistica, H+
positivo o neutro ***** 3 - Ed.orig.: More than Human. Embracing the Promise of Biological Enhancement, Ramez Naam (2005)  Broadway [english] - saggistica, H+
ostile ***** 4 - Ed.orig.: Human Cloning and Human Dignity. The Report of the President's Council on Bioethics, Leon R. Kass (2002)  Publicaffairs/Perseus Books Group [english] - saggistica, H+
ostile ***** 5 - Ed.orig.: Enough : Staying Human in an Engineered Age, Bill McKibben (2004)  Owl Books [english] - saggistica, H+
positivo o neutro ***** 6 - Ed.orig.: Nanotechnology: Science, Innovation, and Opportunity, Lynn E. Foster (2005)  Prentice Hall PTR [english] - saggistica, H+
positivo o neutro ***** 7 - Ed.orig.: Nanofuture: What's Next For Nanotechnology, Josh Storrs Hall (2005)  Prometheus Books [english] - saggistica, H+
positivo o neutro ***** 8 - Ed.orig.: Citizen Cyborg, James J. Hughes (2004)  Westview Press [english] - saggistica, H+
ostile ***** 9 - Ed.orig.: Human Dignity in the Biotech Century: A Christian Vision for Public Policy, Charles W. Colson (Editor), Nigel M. De S. Cameron (Editor), Nigel M. De S. Cameron (Editor) (2004)  InterVarsity Press [english] - saggistica, H+
positivo o neutro ***** 10 - Ed.orig.: Rapture: How Biotech Became the New Religion. A Raucous Tour of Cloning, Transhumanism, and the New Era of Immortality, Brian Alexander  Basic Books / Perseus Book Group [english] - saggistica, H+
positivo o neutro **** 11 - Ed.orig.: Ending Aging: The Rejuvenation Breakthroughs That Could Reverse Human Aging in Our Lifetime, Aubrey de Grey, Michael Rae (2007)  St. Martin's Press [english] - saggistica, H+
ostile **** 12 - Ed.orig.: Biotechnology and the Human Good, C. Ben Mitchell, Edmund D. Pellegrino, Jean Bethke Elshtai, John Frederic Kilner, Scott B. Rae (2007)  Georgetown University Press [english] - saggistica, H+
positivo o neutro **** 13 - Ed.orig.: Bioevolution. How Biotechnology Is Changing the World, Michael Fumento (2003)  Encounter Books [english] - saggistica, H+
positivo o neutro **** 14 - Ed.orig.: Engines of Creation: The Coming Era of Nanotechnology, Eric Drexler (1987)  Anchor [english] - saggistica, H+
positivo o neutro **** 15 - Ed.orig.: Robot: Mere Machine to Transcendent Mind, Moravec (2006)  Oxford University Press [english] - saggistica, H+
positivo o neutro **** 16 - Ed.orig.: The Next Fifty Years, Science in the First Half of the Twenty-First Century, John Brockman, ed. (2002)  Edge by Vintage Books [english] - saggistica, H+
positivo o neutro *** 17 - Ed.orig.: Beyond Earth: The Future of Humans in Space, Bob Krone (2006)  Collector's Guide Publishing Inc [english] - saggistica, H+
ostile *** 18 - Ed.orig.: The Future of the Brain: The Promise and Perils of Tomorrow's Neuroscience, Steven Rose (2005)  Oxford University Press [english] - saggistica, H+
ostile *** 19 - Ed.orig.: The Case against Perfection: Ethics in the Age of Genetic Engineering, Michael J. Sandel (2007)  Belknap Press [english] - saggistica, H+
positivo o neutro *** 20 - Ed.orig.: Mechanical Bodies, Computational Minds: Artificial Intelligence from Automata to Cyborgs, Stefano Franchi (2005)  The MIT Press [english] - saggistica, H+
positivo o neutro *** 21 - Ed.orig.: Enhancing Evolution: The Ethical Case for Making Better People, John Harris (2007)  Princeton University Press [english] - saggistica, H+
ostile *** 22 - Ed.orig.: Nano-Hype: The Truth Behind the Nanotechnology Buzz, David M. Berube (2005)  Prometheus Books [english] - saggistica, H+
positivo o neutro *** 23 - Ed.orig.: Stem Cell Century: Law and Policy for a Breakthrough Technology, Russell Korobkin (2007)  Yale University Press [english] - saggistica, H+
positivo o neutro *** 24 - Ed.orig.: The Cyborg Handbook, Chris Gray (1995)  Routledge [english] - saggistica, H+
positivo o neutro *** 25 - Ed.orig.: The Genetical Theory of Natural Selection, Ronald A. Fisher (2000)  Oxford University Press [italiano] - saggistica, C
positivo o neutro *** 26 - Ed.orig.: True Names: And the Opening of the Cyberspace Frontier, Vernor Vinge (2001)  Tor Books [english] - saggistica, C
positivo o neutro *** 27 - Ed.orig.: Simians, Cyborgs, and Women: The Reinvention of Nature, Donna J. Haraway (1991)  Routledge [english] - saggistica, C
positivo o neutro *** 28 - Ed.orig.: The Ancestor's Tale: A Pilgrimage to the Dawn of Evolution, Richard Dawkins (2005)  Mariner Books [english] - saggistica, C
positivo o neutro *** 29 - Ed.orig.: Genome. The Story of the Most Astonishing Scientific Adventure of Our Time: the Attempt to Map All the Genes in the Human Body, Jerry E. Bishop, Michael Waldholz  Simon & Schuster [english] - saggistica, C
ostile ** 30 - Ed.orig.: Digital Soul: Intelligent Machines and Human Values, Thomas M. Georges (2003)  Westview Press [italiano] - saggistica, H+
positivo o neutro ** 31 - Ed.orig.: Unbounding the Future: The Nanotechnology Revolution, Eric Drexler and Chris Peterson (1993)  Quill [english] - saggistica, H+
ostile ** 32 - Ed.orig.: Beyond Therapy: Biotechnology and the Pursuit of Happiness, Leon R. Kass (2003)  Harper Perennia [english] - saggistica, H+
positivo o neutro ** 33 - Ed.orig.: The Intelligent Universe: AI, ET, and the Emerging Mind of the Cosmos, James N. Gardner (2007)  New Page Books [english] - saggistica, H+
positivo o neutro ** 34 - Ed.orig.: Babies by Design: The Ethics of Genetic Choice, Ronald M. Green (2007)  Yale University Press [english] - saggistica, H+
positivo o neutro ** 35 - Ed.orig.: Society of Mind, Marvin Minsky (1988)  Simon & Schuster [english]
Ed.ita.: La società della mente (1989)  Adelphi - saggistica, C
positivo o neutro ** 36 - Ed.orig.: Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon, Daniel C. Dennett (2007)  Penguin [english] - saggistica, C
positivo o neutro ** 37 - Ed.orig.: African American Bioethics: Culture, Race, and Identity, Lawrence J., Jr., M.d. Prograis (Editor), Edmund D. Pellegrino (Editor) (2007)  Georgetown University Press [english] - saggistica, C
ostile * 38 - Ed.orig.: Guiding Icarus: Merging Bioethics with Corporate Interests, Rahul K. Dhanda (2002)  Wiley-Liss [english] - saggistica, H+
positivo o neutro * 39 - Ed.orig.: Flesh and Machines: How Robots Will Change Us, Rodney Brooks (2002)  Pantheon [english] - saggistica, H+
positivo o neutro * 40 - Ed.orig.: The Fourth Discontinuity: The Co-Evolution of Humans and Machines, Bruce Mazlish (1995)  Yale University Press [english] - saggistica, H+
positivo o neutro * 41 - Ed.orig.: Robo sapiens: Evolution of a New Species, Peter Menzel (2001)  The MIT Press [italiano] - saggistica, H+
ostile * 42 - Ed.orig.: Basic Questions on Genetics, Stem Cell Research and Cloning: Are These Technologies Okay to Use?, John Kilner (2002)  Kregel Publications [english] - saggistica, H+
positivo o neutro * 43 - Ed.orig.: Programming the Universe: A Quantum Computer Scientist Takes On the Cosmos, Seth Lloyd (2006)  Knopf [english] - saggistica, C
positivo o neutro * 44 - Ed.orig.: Faster: The Acceleration of Just About Everything, James Gleick (2000)  Vintage [english] - saggistica, C
positivo o neutro * 45 - Ed.orig.: The Science of Staying Young, John Morley, Sheri R. Colberg (2007)  McGraw-Hill [english] - saggistica, C
positivo o neutro * 46 - Ed.orig.: Third Culture: Beyond the Scientific Revolution, John Brockman, ed. (1996)  Touchstone [english] - saggistica, C