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positivo o neutro ***** 1 - Ed.orig.: Technophobia!: Science Fiction Visions of Posthuman Technology, Daniel Dinello (2006)  University of Texas Press [english] - saggistica, H+
positivo o neutro ***** 2 - Ed.orig.: Rapture: How Biotech Became the New Religion. A Raucous Tour of Cloning, Transhumanism, and the New Era of Immortality, Brian Alexander  Basic Books / Perseus Book Group [english] - saggistica, H+
positivo o neutro ***** 3 - Ed.orig.: The Singularity Is Near. When Human Transcend Biology, Ray Kurzweil (2005)  Viking [english] - saggistica, H+
ostile ***** 4 - Ed.orig.: Enough : Staying Human in an Engineered Age, Bill McKibben (2004)  Owl Books [english] - saggistica, H+
positivo o neutro ***** 5 - Ed.orig.: More than Human. Embracing the Promise of Biological Enhancement, Ramez Naam (2005)  Broadway [english] - saggistica, H+
positivo o neutro ***** 6 - Ed.orig.: Citizen Cyborg, James J. Hughes (2004)  Westview Press [english] - saggistica, H+
positivo o neutro ***** 7 - Ed.orig.: Create/Recreate: The 3rd Millennial Culture, Natasha Vita-More (2002)  TAC [english] - saggistica, H+
positivo o neutro ***** 8 - Ed.orig.: Viroid Life: Perspectives on Nietzsche and the Transhuman Condition, Ansell Pearson (1997)  Routledge [english] - saggistica, H+
positivo o neutro ***** 9 - Ed.orig.: Posthumanism (Readers in Cultural Criticism), Neil Badmington (Editor) (2000)  Palgrave Macmillan2000 [english] - saggistica, H+
positivo o neutro **** 10 - Ed.orig.: Supermen: Tales of the Posthuman Future, Gardner Dozois (2002)  St. Martin's Griffin [english] - narrativa, H+
positivo o neutro **** 11 - Ed.orig.: The Age of the Spiritual Machines: When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence, Ray Kurzweil (2000)  Penguin [english] - saggistica, H+
ostile **** 12 - Ed.orig.: Biotechnology and the Human Good, C. Ben Mitchell, Edmund D. Pellegrino, Jean Bethke Elshtai, John Frederic Kilner, Scott B. Rae (2007)  Georgetown University Press [english] - saggistica, H+
positivo o neutro *** 13 - Ed.orig.: Man into Superman: The Startling Potential of Human Evolution - and How to Be Part of It, Robert C.W. Ettinger (2005)  Ria University Press [english] - saggistica, H+
positivo o neutro *** 14 - Ed.orig.: Cyborg Citizen: Politics in the Posthuman Age, Chris Habl Gray (2002)  Routledge [english] - saggistica, H+
positivo o neutro ** 15 - Ed.orig.: The Spike: How Our Lives Are Being Transformed By Rapidly Advancing Technologies, Damien Broderick (2002)  Tor Books [english] - saggistica, H+
ostile * 16 - Ed.orig.: From Human to Posthuman: Christian Theology And Technology in a Postmodern World, Brent Waters (2006)  Ashgate Publishing [english] - saggistica, H+
ostile ***** 17 - Ed.orig.: Our Posthuman Future: Consequences of the Biotechnology Revolution, Francis Fukuyama (2003)  Picador [english]
Ed.ita.: L'uomo oltre l'uomo. Le conseguenze della rivoluzione biotecnologica (2002)  Mondadori - saggistica, H+
ostile ***** 18 - Ed.orig.: Life, Liberty, and the Defense of Dignity: The Challenge for Bioethics, Leon R. Kass (2004)  Encounter Books [english]
Ed.ita.: La sfida della bioetica. La vita, la libertà e la difesa della dignità umana (2007)  Lindau - saggistica, H+
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