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Autore: Natasha Vita-More
Titolo: Create/Recreate: The 3rd Millennial Culture
Anno: 2002
Editore: TAC
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CREATE/RECREATE: The 3rd Millennial Culture by Natasha Vita-More covers the presently emerging culture by casting a light on the escalating memes, emerging art of creativity, and our possible and quixotic future. It gives a cogent history of the beginnings of transhumanist ideas. The book's "Transhuman Timeline" brings to light the biological, communication, technological, memetic evolution of transhuman ideas and FM-2030's definition of transhuman. How did ideas about transhumanity spread? What is Creativity Quotient? Where did Transhumanist Art first get started? How do transhumanist and extropians merge? What is the Extropic Art Manifesto? These questions and more are clearly answered.

Chapters include: "Scooping Up and Blending Knowledge," "Art Science Blend," "Post-Jeans Post-Genes Generation," "An Evolution," "The Extropians," "Memetic Toolkit," "Transhumanist and Extropic Arts," "Content As A Candle In The Dark," "Universal Attraction," "DNA Break Out! A Sensorial Mix," "The Importance of Creativity," "Entrepreneurials," "SEX," "Ageless Thinking," "Arterati on Ideas," "Why Live Longer" and "Synergy as Talent"

CREATE/RECREATE's unique perspective on creativity and the future in a delightful and inspiring combination of fact and fiction, word and image, analysis and synthesis. Natasha's seminal work represents the vanguard of extropic thinking.


Alle origini del transumanismo, il testo fondamentale di un'icona e di una degli iniziatori del movimento transumanista internazionale.


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