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Autore: Ansell Pearson
Titolo: Viroid Life: Perspectives on Nietzsche and the Transhuman Condition
Anno: 1997
Editore: Routledge
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New Nietzsche Studies
"... subtle and compelling ... This book will be of interest to those seeking a fresh and thoughtful approach to Nietzsche, to those concerned with the status of technology and biology in the late twentieth century, and to those who wish to pose questions about the future of the human."

Daniel Conway, Pennsylvania State University
"Clever, bold, provocative, iconoclastic, and urgent... This book provides a breathtaking sketch of the possible future of philosophy itself."


anthropocentric naivety, transhuman condition, autopoietic machine, functional indeterminacy, viroid life, technical machines, eternal return, social machine, transcendental illusion Thousand Plateaus, Samuel Butler, Ansell Pearson, Herr Nietzsche, Wilhelm Roux, posthuman, postumano ,



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