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Autore: Brent Waters
Titolo: From Human to Posthuman: Christian Theology And Technology in a Postmodern World
Anno: 2006
Editore: Ashgate Publishing
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Technology is one of the dominant forces shaping the emerging postmodern world. Indeed the very fabric of daily life is dependent upon various information, communication, and transportation technologies. With anticipated advances in biotechnology, artificial intelligence, and robotics, that dependence will increase. Yet this growing dependence is accompanied with a deep ambivalence.

For many technology symbolised the faith of the postmodern world, but it is an ambivalent faith encapsulating both our hopes and fears for the future. This books examines the religious foundations underlying this troubled faith in technology, as well as constructively and critically engaging particular tech developments froma theological perspective.


Tecnologia e trasformazione postumana nella prospettiva della teologia cristiana


theology, posthuman, transhumanism, technology,



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