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Autore: Michio Kaku
Titolo: Visions. How Science Will Revolutionize the 21st Century and Beyond
Anno: 1999
Editore: Oxford Paperbacks
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"Take it easy: that's Michio Kaku's motto. Given the extraordinary advances science has thrown up in time for the millennium, the only way you could possibly fit them into a single volume is by a correspondingly massive simplification.
Subtitled How Science Will Revolutionize the 21st Century and Beyond, Visions assumes that, by and large, scientists get to do whatever they like, that all technologies are consumer technologies, and that consumers welcome anything and everything science throws at them. Kaku gets away with this frankly dodgy strategy by dint of sheer hard work. He has based his predictions on interviews with more than 150 renowned working scientists; he integrates these interviews with a huge body of original journalistic material; and, above all, he roots that mass of information on an entirely reasonable model of what the purpose of science will be in the third millennium. Up until now, science has expended its efforts on decoding most of the fundamental natural processes--"the dance," as Kaku puts it, of elementary particles deep inside stars and the rhythms of DNA molecules coiling and uncoiling within our bodies. Science's task now, Kaku believes, is to cross-pollinate advances thrown up by the study of matter, biology, and mind--modern science's three main theaters of endeavor. "We are now making the transition from amateur chess players to grand masters," he writes, "from observers to choreographers of nature." Then again, he also believes that "the Internet ... will eventually become a 'Magic Mirror' that appears in fairy tales, able to speak with the wisdom of the human race." Kaku, in short, deserves a good slapping--but he also deserves to be read." Simon Ings,

"Michio Kaku's book Visions makes a bunch of forecasts about the shape of human life in the 21st century and well beyond. Kaku ... attempts to divine the fate not only of human minds and bodies but also of computers, robots and man-machine blends, along with the fates of the sun and all of its planets and their moons from now until the heat death of the universe. You can't say he isn't ambitious.... Forecasting the future is an essentially harmless form of infotainment, like visiting the World's Fair. Go ahead, indulge yourself. Just don't confuse predicting with knowing what's going to happen." The New York Times Book Review, Ed Regis


Futurologia, tecnoscienza, trasformazione postumana.


futurism, tecnoscienza, nanotecnologie, biotecnologie, postumano, economia, ricerca, cyborg, computer, cognitive, AI, IA, artificial intelligence, intelligenza artificiale, tecnica, tecnologia,



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