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Autore: Harrison H. Schmitt
Titolo: Return to the Moon: Exploration, Enterprise, and Energy in the Human Settlement of Space
Anno: 2006
Editore: Springer
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"The Moon is not just a "local" destination, argues former NASA Astronaut Harrison Schmitt. As a destination, the Moon presents us with a goal that tests our resourcefulness and determination. How much are we willing to spend to re-establish ourselves as space-farers? Return to the Moon proposes that we begin planning, and now, for the establishment of human outposts on the Moon — not just as an exercise in technology and discovery, and not just as a way of fulfilling our destiny as explorers and pioneers. Schmitt, having himself traveled to and literally walked on the Moon, is no stranger to technology, discovery, and a sense of our destiny as explorers; but in this book he focuses on a return to the moon as a business proposition."


Scenari tecnologici, economici e politici per un ritorno alla Luna e la sua colonizzazione tramite l'installazione di basi permanenti.


astronautica, moon, lunar, NASA, exploration, esplorazione, colonizzazione, colonies, survival, space, missile, razzo, habitat, economia, politica,



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