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Autore: H. F. Matare
Titolo: Bioethics: The Ethics of Evolution and Genetic Interference
Anno: 1999
Editore: Bergin & Garvey
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Arguing that human evolution has come to a stand-still, this book sets out to explore the evolutionary steps that have defined life on this planet. It describes the stages from cosmic to chemical and biological evolution and to the development of civilization and culture. From this scientific approach, the author concludes that new rules of ethics are required in order to maintain and improve the civilization and culture of humanity. Matare argues for corrective genetic interference and explores the moral implications.


Una riflessione "bioetica" nel senso originario di rifondazione dell'etica su basi biologiche, evoluzioniste ed eugenetiche.


eugenism, eugenetica, genetica, bioetica, antropologia, biopolitica, bioethics,



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