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Autore: Michael F. Guyer
Titolo: Being Well Born. An Introduction to Heredity and Eugenics
Anno: 2003
Editore: Kessinger Publishing
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1916. In this work, it is intended to examine the natural endowment of the child. Since full comprehension of it requires some understanding of the nature of the physical mechanism by which hereditary traits are handed on from generation to generation, a small amount of space is given to this phase. Then, that the reader may appreciate to their fullest extent the facts gathered concerning man, a review of the more significant principles of genetics as revealed through experiments in breeding plants and animals has been undertaken. The main applications of these principles to man is pointed out in a general discussion of human heredity. -


Teorie ed argomenti dell'eugenetica americana di inizio secolo, in un saggio dell'epoca.


eugenics, eugenism, eugenetica, genetica,



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