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Autore: John Brockman, ed.
Titolo: The Next Fifty Years, Science in the First Half of the Twenty-First Century
Anno: 2002
Editore: Edge by Vintage Books
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"Scientists love to speculate about the direction research and technology will take us, and editor John Brockman has given a stellar panel free rein to imagine the future in The Next Fifty Years. From brain-swapping and the hunt for extraterrestrials to the genetic elimination of unhappiness and a new scientific morality, the ideas in this book are wild and thought-provoking. The list of scientists and thinkers who participate is impressive: Lee Smolin and Martin Rees on cosmology; Ian Stewart on mathematics; and Richard Dawkins and Paul Davies on the life sciences, just to name a few. Many of the authors remind readers that science has changed a lot since the blind optimism of the early 20th century, and they are unanimously aware of the potential consequences of the developments they describe. Fifty years is a long time in the information age, and these essays do a credible and entertaining job of guessing where we're going."--Therese Littleton, Amazon

"The best way to evaluate this book is in comparison with Lois Wingerson's Mapping Our Genes ( LJ 6/1/90). The subject of both books is the government-funded program to map every gene in human DNA and the medical, ethical, and scientific questions that effort raises. Many of the stories and the persons are the same in both books, and both are creditable efforts to explain this fascinating project. Still, Wall Street Journal reporters Bishop and Waldholz are unafraid to describe more technical details, and their book is broader in scope, compellingly written, and ultimately the more satisfying. Wingerson focuses more on the test patients and their families, and this human approach will appeal to many. Both are recommended, but Genome is the first choice for most libraries, and the only one truly suited for academic libraries" Gregg Sapp, Montana State Univ. Lib., Bozeman Copyright 1990 Reed Business Information, Inc


Previsioni ed aspettative in campo tecno-scientifico sulla prima metà del XXI secolo. Uno dei libri di Edge.


Peter Atkins, Samuel Barondes, Paul Bloom, Rodney Brooks, Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi, Paul C. W. Davies, Richard Dawkins, Nancy Etcoff, Paul W. Ewald, David Gelernter, Brian Goodwin, Alison Gopnik, Judith Rich Harris, Marc D. Hauser, John H. Holland, Stuart Kauffman, Jaron Lanier, Joseph LeDoux, Geoffrey Miller, Martin Rees, Robert Sapolsky, Roger C. Schank, Lee Smolin, Ian Stewart, Steven Strogatz, cosmology, genetics, longevism, longevismo, genetica, cosmologia, futurologia, futurism, evolution, evoluzione, technology, tecnologia, tecnica,



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