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Autore: Lawrence J., Jr., M.d. Prograis (Editor), Edmund D. Pellegrino (Editor)
Titolo: African American Bioethics: Culture, Race, and Identity
Anno: 2007
Editore: Georgetown University Press
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Do people of different ethnicities, cultures, and races view medicine and bioethics differently? And, if they do, should they? Are doctors and researchers taking environmental perspectives into account when dealing with patients? If so, is it done effectively and properly?

In the book, the editors bring together medical practitioners, researchers, and theorists to assess one fundamental question: is there a distintive African-American bioethics?

The book's contributors resoundingly answer yes - yet their responses vary. They discuss the continuing African American experience with bioethics in the context of religion and tradition, work, health, and US society at large - finding enough commonality to craft a deep and compelling case for locating a black bioethical framework within the broader practice, yet recognizing profound nuances within that framework.

As a more recent addition to the study of bioethics, cultural considerations have been playing catch-up for nearly two decades. The book does much to advance the field by exploring how medicine and ethics accomodate differing cultural, suggesting profound implications for growing minority groups in the United Sttes.


Bioetica e medicina razziale nella prospettiva afro-americana


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