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Autore: Robert Anton Wilson
Titolo: Prometheus Rising
Anno: 1992
Editore: New Falcon Publications


E.J. Gold
"Bob has done it again for the first time ever! This book is everything I ever wanted to write in a practical guidebook on how to get here from there, and hes--as usual--first in print again! Just the exercise on finding quarters has paid for the book many times over."

Robert Shea
"Robert Anton Wilson speaks for that tiny but indispensable minority who are changing the way we think. To read him is to learn what the future holds, how to be part of the future and how to help create the future."


neurosomatic rapture, imprint vulnerability, antique circuits, neurosomatic circuit, neurosomatic consciousness, heaviest imprint, semantic circuit, friendly weakness, hostile weakness, neurogenetic circuit, mammalian politics, domesticated primates, hostile strength, friendly strength, higher coherence, primitive circuits, reality tunnel, magic room, third circuit,



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